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Capture The Moment With Engagement Photos

Promising yourself to the love of your life by getting engaged is a very special moment that I believe doesn’t get documented enough. Yes, you can take some photographs on your phone, but why not document the love and excitement with a professional engagement photoshoot? It’s one of the most exciting days of both of your lives. It’s the next step in your relationship and an important event that should get captured, so that in 50 or more years’ time, you can look back at the photographs and remember how special this time was.

Whether you’re the one getting down on one knee to propose, or you’re the partner who is receiving the ring, you will both be feeling such strong, genuine emotions that come up fantastically on camera. The broad uncontrollable smiles, the constant kisses, the tight hugs and the look of bewilderment mixed with love, all of these things transfer through photographs beautifully.

I believe that all of the chapters to your long and happy life together should be remembered forever by photos. I can provide newly engaged couples with an engagement photo shoot. Through a lens, I’ll capture the genuine emotions of love and happiness. Becoming engaged to the person you love is the next chapter in your wonderful story, don’t forget those memories. You can relive them every day through my engagement photography.

Special Engagement Photo Ideas

In the last few years, engagement shoots have soared in popularity. If there’s a way for you to capture how happy and in love you are feeling, then why wouldn’t you want to do it? Whether you prefer for me to come and take photographs in the place you met or became engaged, or you’d like outdoor engagement photos, I can do that for you.

If you haven’t thought of a photoshoot idea, that’s okay. I can work with both you and your fiancé to come up with a concept that manages to capture the moment while staying true to your personality. I don’t like to push ideas onto my clients; I like to work with them to ensure that the photographs I take show who they are. I want to capture the personalities of the couples that I photograph and I do just that.

It’s okay to be nervous to be in front of the camera, but I help ensure that you are comfortable and I help bring out the emotion in your photographs. I always look at an engagement session as a hang out session, where I get to be your third wheel!

I offer affordable prices to my customers so they can have a special day in their life documented forever. My engagement photo service ranges in price depending on what you want. I understand that money can be tight, so I can customize my packages to suit the budget of my client. I don’t want anyone to be scraping their pockets for money, everyone deserves to have these memories, and my affordable engagement photograph service can help you to remember the happy memory better and for longer.

With my engagement photo sessions,  I’ve been lucky enough to gain some unbeatable experience thanks to all of my clients. I receive brilliant ratings from my customers who often tell me in their feedback that they loved my service so much, they’ll be sure to recommend me to others.

Engagement photographers may not be hard to come by, but what is more difficult, is finding one that is professional, experienced, reliable and friendly. A photographer that will listen to you, someone that you have a real connection with and someone that you don’t feel awkward in front of. You want to feel as if you have the best engagement photographer, and I strive to be that for you.

People love seeing photographs; they’re a physical thing, an image that has captured a split second of time forever. The way you look at your partner, the genuine smile, the loving touches; you can capture these feelings and gestures so you can keep them forever. Every little detail that your mind may not remember on its own can be yours to remember for the rest of your lives.

There’s nothing that I love more than providing my clients with colorful, love filled photographs that they can treasure for years to come. It’s a physical memory of a happy time in their life and something that they can show to others to let them experience the emotion of joy that radiates from the photographs. For generations to come, your engagement pictures can be part of your family’s history.

Many of my clients who get an engagement shoot use the photographs on their engagement party invites, save the dates, or wedding website and invitations. You can share with all of your friends and family the moment, emotion and memory of the day when you both decided to take that next step in your relationship and show just how much you mean to each other.

You won’t regret your decision to have engagement photos taken. You’ll receive a great collection of professional photographs that capture the love and happiness between you and your fiancé.

Don’t let the memories of your engagement season fade away forever. Enjoy an engagement photo shoot with your fiancé so you can look back at the photos whenever you want and have a memory of the moments and feelings of that day or season. Whether you want the photographs taken while you replay the proposal, or you prefer the shoot done at a particular place, let’s chat!

If you’re interested in my engagement photoshoot service, you can get in touch today. I am located in Orange County, but I also provide my engagement shoot services in the Inland Empire, San Diego county and many other cities within California. I also travel! I am happy to help you with any further questions that you may have about the service I offer.

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